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Dogs of the BEL 2010

08/01/2010 - Les dividendes de la bourse belge

Pour ceux qui souhaitent appliquer la technique des Dogs of the Dow au BEL-20, l’indice de la bourse belge, il suffit de prendre les dix premières valeurs ci-dessous.

Le dividende indiqué s’entend TTM et provient de Bloomerg.

Company Profile
Mobistar SA
Cellular Telecom
Dividend Yield: 9,8
Beta: 0,5
Mobistar SA offers mobile telephone services in Belgium through a GSM network, as well as fixed-line services for international calls. The Company offers such services as pre-paid calling cards, text messaging, mobile office access for business customers, and games. Ticker: MOBB:BB
Belgacom SA
Dividend Yield: 8
Beta: 0,6
Belgacom provides communication services and products to residential, business and corporate customers both domestically and internationally. The Group also offers multimedia products, payphones, pagers, operator services and calling cards. Through its subsidiaries Belgacom Mobile and Belgacom Skynet the company further offers mobile phone and Internet services. Ticker: BELG:BB
REITS-Office Property
Dividend Yield: 7,8
Beta: 0,7
Cofinimmo owns and manages office buildings in Brussels. The Company also develops properties for its own account with the construction of new buildings as well as renovation of older sites. Ticker: COFB:BB
GDF Suez
Dividend Yield: 7,3
Beta: 0,9
GDF Suez offers a full range of natural gas and associated energy services throughout the world. GDF produces, trades, transports, stores and distributes natural gas, and offers energy management and climatic and thermal engineering services. Ticker: GSZ:FP
Befimmo SCA Sicafi
Dividend Yield: 7
Beta: 0,7
Befimmo S.C.A. owns and operates office buildings in Belgium where structural demand is high. Ticker: BEFB:BB
Solvay SA
Dividend Yield: 3,8
Beta: 0,9
Solvay SA manufactures pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and plastics. The Company produces medicines for psychiatry, gastroenterology, gynecology, and cardiology, fluorinated products, sodium bicarbonate, disinfectants, soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, caustic soda, salt, polymers, vinyls, high density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, fuel systems, and pipes and fittings. Ticker: SOLB:BB
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert SA
Diversified Operations
Dividend Yield: 3,4
Beta: 0,8
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert S.A. is a holding company with interests in energy, media, and utility companies. The Company, through its subsidiaries, produces petroleum, manufactures chemicals, operates gasoline filling stations, owns and operates television and radio stations, supplies water, generates and transports electricity, transports natural gas, and offers waste management services. Ticker: GBLB:BB
Dividend Yield: 3,1
Beta: 0,8
UCB SA. a global biopharmaceutical company, specializes in the fields of central nervous system disorders, inflammatory diseases, and oncology. The Company’s main products include Keppra, Xyzal and Zyrtec, Nootropil, Tussionex, and Metadate and Equasym XL. Ticker: UCB:BB
Delhaize Group SA
Dividend Yield: 2,7
Beta: 0,8
Delhaize Group operates supermarkets, drugstores, discount stores, and health and beauty shops throughout Belgium and abroad. The stores operate under the names Food Lion, MegaImage, AB Mega, Delvita, Tom & Company, SuperIndo, Le Lion, A.D. Delhaize, Superettes Delhaize, Di, Caddy-Home, P.G., Alfa-Beta, Super Discount Markets, Kash N’ Karry, Hannaford, Shop N’ Go, and Proxy Delhaize. Ticker: DELB:BB
Ackermans & van Haaren NV
Diversified Operations
Dividend Yield: 2,6
Beta: 0,9
Ackermans & van Haaren NV is an industrial holding company. The Company’s holdings are in the contracting-dredging environmental services, financial services, staffing services, and private equity investing. Ticker: ACKB:BB
Precious Metals
Dividend Yield: 2,6
Beta: 1,2
Umicore is a specialty material group. The Company operates in advanced materials, precious metals products and catalysts, precious metals services and zinc specialties. The Umicore Group has industrial operations on all continents. Ticker: UMI:BB
Bekaert SA
Wire&Cable Products
Dividend Yield: 2,4
Beta: 1
Bekaert NV, operating through subsidiaries, manufactures wire, wire products, and steel cables. The wire is used in telecommunications, automobiles, plating, weaving, staples, oil seals, fish hooks, windshield wiper blades, fencing, reinforcing mesh, and rubber reinforcement. The Company also produces products used in filtration, circuit boards, desalination, coating, and healthcare. Ticker: BEKB:BB
Colruyt SA
Dividend Yield: 2,4
Beta: 0,4
Colruyt SA retails goods and offers computer and printing services. The Company retails food and non-food items through Colruyt supermarkets, and Coccinelle, UGA, and Codi Cash supermarkets and cash and carry stores. It retails toys, baby products, and school supplies through Dreamland stores. Colruyt markets computers and offers programming services. Ticker: COLR:BB
Cie Nationale a Portefeuille
Diversified Operations
Dividend Yield: 2,1
Beta: 0,8
Compagnie Nationale a Portefeuille (CNP) / Nationale Portefeuille Maatschappij (NPM) is a holding with interests in energy, financial, industrial, food processing and media companies. Ticker: NAT:BB
Omega Pharma SA
Dividend Yield: 1,7
Beta: 0,9
Omega Pharma S.A. offers a complete range of healthcare products and services to pharmacists, dentists, and other medical sectors. The Company produces cosmetics, vitamins, and food supplements, dental equipment, consumable packages, and generic drugs. It also provides distribution services and medical software. Omega Pharma specializes in the B2B market in europe. Ticker: OME:BB
Anheuser-Busch InBev NV
Dividend Yield: 0,8
Beta: 1
Anheuser-Busch InBev NV brews beer. The Company manufactures ale, lager, stout, and bitter beer. Anheuser-Busch InBev owns brands that are both nationally and internationally prominent. The Company has production plants in europe, the Americas, and Asia. Ticker: ABI:BB
Dexia SA
Commer Banks Non-US
Dividend Yield: 0
Beta: 1,7
Dexia SA attracts deposits and offers retail banking services and public financing. The Bank offers consumer loans, life and non-life insurance, pension plans, securities brokerage services, asset management, private banking, and financing of public service facilities and financial services for local governments. Dexia operates in europe, Asia, and the United States. Ticker: DEXB:BB
Commer Banks Non-US
Dividend Yield: 0
Beta: 1,8
Fortis offers international insurance services such as life and non-life, disability, and medical to individuals and groups. Ticker: FORB:BB
KBC Groep NV
Commer Banks Non-US
Dividend Yield: 0
Beta: 2,1
KBC GROEP NV attracts deposits and offers banking and insurance services. The Bank offers mortgage and consumer loans, project financing, lease financing and factoring, and life, health, commercial, automobile, liability, industrial accident, and occupational insurance, and manages investment funds. Ticker: KBC:BB
Telenet Group Holding NV
Telecom Services
Dividend Yield: 0
Beta: 0,7
Telenet Group Holding NV provides telephone and internet services through a network of fiber-optic and coaxial cable. The company offers customized packages to businesses and individual clients in Belgium. Ticker: TNET:BB
Company Profile


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